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Permitting Application with Events Details

This data is current as of: Saturday, July 20, 2024

Permitting Application Under Review
  Florida County:   MADISON
  Permit Type:   Water - Drinking Water Treatment Construction General Permit
  Permit Processor:   LYDIA M JOYNER
  Application Number:   0080308-010-WCGP
  Site Name:   GREENVILLE WTP / PWS 2400440
  Applicant Name:   BARBARA DANSEY
  Applicant Company:   TOWN OF GREENVILLE
  Agency Action:   Pending
Permitting Application Events to Date
  Permitting Event Description   Started   Completed
  Permit application was received by the Department.   03/21/2024   03/21/2024
  The permit processor is verifying the permit application fee submitted is correct.   03/21/2024