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Permitting Application with Events Details

This data is current as of: Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Permitting Application Under Review
  Florida County:   OKEECHOBEE
  Permit Type:   Water - State 404 Exemption
  Permit Processor:   LINDSAY FURR
  Application Number:   0439509-001-SFE
  Site Name:   SR 700 (US 98) FROM BRIDGE NO. 910090 TO N. OF NW 80TH AVE
  Applicant Name:   NICOLE MONIES
  Applicant Company:   FDOT DISTRICT ONE
  Agency Action:   Pending
  Link to Department’s Application File:   SR 700 (US 98) FROM BRIDGE NO. 910090 TO N. OF NW 80TH AVE
Permitting Application Events to Date
  Permitting Event Description   Started   Completed
  Permit application was received by the Department.   08/31/2023   08/31/2023
  The Department is reviewing the permit application to determine if it contains all required information.   08/31/2023   09/25/2023
  The Department is conducting a site investigation, if required   08/31/2023   09/22/2023
  The Department is waiting for additional information from the permit applicant.   09/25/2023  
If you would like to comment on the pending application, please go here: Public Comment | DEP Business Portal (