Contractor Preapproval Information Detail Status Report

Contractor Preapproval Information Detail Status Report

Parameter Page Directions And Definitions

-         Contractor Name or Contractor ID is required to run the report.

-         WO/TA (Work Order/Task Assignment) Issued Between Date must be between 07/01/2003 and today.

o        WO/TA Issued Between Date is based on the Administrators Signature Date on the Work Order or Task Assignment.

-         Report can be based on WO/TA Issued between date range or fiscal year (FY).

-         All Open WO/TA’s include only WO/TA’s which have no end date or WO/TA’s that have an end date and a balance remaining greater than zero)

-         All WO/TA’s are WO/TA’s that meet the FY or Issued Between Date parameters regardless of status.

-         Invoice Number can be entered as all or a portion of an invoice number.

o        Example, enter 107 as invoice number and the report would return invoice number 107, 21078 or 51078-B.

-         Report Display Option identifies what will be included in the report output.

-         Sort By identifies what field the data in the report output will be sorted by in ascending order.

-         Output of the report results can be in browser (HTML) or Excel 97 or higher format.

-         If the Display SQL Only check box is checked the actual code used to generate the report is displayed rather than report results.

-         In Browser (HTML format) the report must be printed in landscape legal size to fit on a page.

Report definitions:

Work Order Detail:

-         WO/TA Original Amount is the amount the WO/TA was originally approved for prior to any change orders.

-         Total Change Order Amount is the amount of all change orders submitted to BPSS (Bureau of Petroleum Storage Systems) for approval through an invoice.

-         WO Total Invoiced to Date is the amount of all invoices submitted to BPSS for approval.

-         WO Balance Remaining is the balance of the original work order amount plus/minus change orders minus invoices.

o        Only includes invoices and associated change orders that have a most recent invoice action description of ‘Inv Date to F&A’.  Inv Date to F&A means the invoice has been approved by BPSS and has been submitted to DEP Finance and Accounting for payment.

-         WO BCO Weekly Approval Date is the date the original work order amount was encumbered in the Bureau Chief’s weekly approval process and allowed the WO/TA to be submitted to the contractor for signature.

-         WO Priority ID is identifies the WO/TA as one of the predefined types and also places it in the appropriate priority order for encumbrance.

-         WO Returned Date is the date the Work Order was returned signed by the contractor.

-         Current Site Manager Info. is the current site manager associated with the discharge which is associated with the final deliverable.

-         Last Invoice Received is the date that DEP last received an invoice associated with the associated WO/TA.

-         WO Fiscal Year is the fiscal year associated with the budget that the original WO/TA was encumbered from.

Work Order Deliverable Detail:

-         Deliverable Number is the number associated with each cleanup task on a WO/TA with a total of 7 and 7 being the final deliverable.

-         Discharge Date is the date of the discharge that each deliverable cleanup task is associated with.

-         Task Name identifies the type of task being performed, currently there a five: SA = Site Assessment, SR = Source Removal, RAP = Remedial Action Plan, RA = Remedial Action and PBC = Performance Based Cleanup.

-         Report Type is the actual activity being performed in that task.

-         Due and Received Date are the dates the deliverable was due or received.

-         Status and Status Effective is the current status of the activity and the date that status became effective.

o        If the date the report was ran is greater than the due date and the received date has no value that ‘PAST DUE’ will be displayed in the status effective date column.

Invoice Detail:

-         Invoice Number is the invoice number provided by the contractor on each individual invoice.

-         Invoice Date is the date the contractor processed the invoice.

-         Invoice Received Date is the date that DEP received the invoice.

-         Invoiced Events are the items built through the template that are being invoiced.  There are currently nine events; the 1st through 6th event, 7 is Remedial System, 8 is Final Deliverable and 9 is Retainage.

-         Change Amount is the total change amount for the invoiced events.

-         Invoice Amount is the total invoiced amount for the invoiced events.

-         The Most Recent Invoice Action Type Description is the last action taken on a given invoice.

-         Invoice Action Date is the date of The Most Recent Invoice Action Type Description.

-         Invoice Comments are comments entered by BPSS Accounting staff.

-         The Most Recent Invoice Return/Reject Reason may be populated when The Most Recent Invoice Action Type Description is Rejected by F&A, Rejected by Accounting, or Returned to Contractor.

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