Storage Tank Contaminated Facility Name & Address Search

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Tips for searching for Storage Tank facilities:

  1. If you don't know the full name of the facility or city, you can type just a portion of the name.
    example: The facility name SHELL STATION-MAGNOLIA can be typed in as SHELL STATION-MAG
  2. Due to the large number of storage tank facilities, it is recommended that you select the county where the facility you are looking for is located.
  3. You can leave both the facility and city fields blank to get all facilities in a certain county.
  4. You don't need to input the facility name or city or choose a county if you have the facility ID.
  5. DEP stores these records without the two digit county code in front of the facility ID. If you have a specific facility ID you want to check,
    please be sure to enter it without the county code. It should be 7 digits long.

Please type in the Facility Name:

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